Please read the following terms & conditions before using our services.

  1.  You must be 18 years old and above to register.

  2.  Must Allow 56 days before add packs mature.

  3.  Click 10 times a day to qualify before 12 midnight.

  4.  Only allowed to use 50% of your earning to repurchase revshares.

  5.  50% Cash out on revshares.

  6. Return on investment (R.O.I) on each Ad Pack -110%

  7.  7 days cooling period to cancel your purchase.

  8.  Payout made every Monday.

  9.  Do not approach any visitors or members for contact details in order to join them to other networks or personal business while at TGW business presentation.

  10. Do not discuss any other business while at TGW presentation.

  11. All transactions should be made through TGW only.

  12. Company reserves the right to ban any member from the website incase the member violets the company policy.

  13.  I agree to the above website terms and condition.